11 October, 2012

All Over, Red Rover

The end has come for this blog. I thought I may have more time, but I am finding my time shrinking and the time needed for my label increasing. Many thanks to those that sent material in particular Cam Merton (Hidden Shoal) Lawrence English (Room40, Someone Good, A Guide to Saints) and Ian Hawgood (Home Normal, Tokyo Droning, Nomadic Kids Republic) for their sounds.

10 September, 2012

Gilded "Cluttered Room" single

The great eclectic local Hidden Shoal dropped a bombshell a while back in my inbox. The promise of a release from a new local duo made up of Adam Trainer and Matt Rosner. A while back I was thinking about contacting Matt as I am a fan of his stuff and was thinking it would be good to see/hear more of his music. I was also contemplating asking him about mastering services. From memory I'd also been in contact with Adam about possibly doing something for my Twice Removed label. He mentioned he had some releases in the pipeline, and here it is. Described by the label as: "Buoyant and sun-dappled, ‘Cluttered Room’ takes a handful of gleaming musical elements - ride cymbal, banjo, bass, melodica, acoustic guitar - and builds them into a wonderfully considered and thoroughly melodic structure. Akin to the most accessible tracks by acclaimed Swedish trio Tape, Gilded’s debut single is an inviting entry point into their detailed and emotionally resonant soundworld". Definitely not what I was expecting considering both of their experimental back catalogue, the track is full with multiple elements including drones, percussion and organic instruments. It is part of the "Terrane" album due October 8 October and can be downloaded free here.

22 August, 2012

Think Like a Label

An interesting resource that I have come across for musicians, but also thought provoking for label folk is Think Like A Label. The site has a lot of links to information designed to get your band/act of the ground and is worth a look.

16 August, 2012

Signal Void Noise Compilation.

It's been a while since I've come across a compilation of a bunch of short noise tracks, since going back to the hardcore era's of my past with bands like 7 Minutes of Nausea, Anal Cunt, etc... The Signal Void compilation has one minute noise tracks from the like of Yann Novak, Sun Hammer, Robert Curgenven and others. Check out the picture below.

It can be downloaded here or purchased as a memory stick and other bits and bobs here.

01 August, 2012

Future Sequence

Future Sequence is a blog that puts out the great Sequence compilations. They also have a great roster of known artists such as Widesky, Celer, Radere, Zvuku, Atlantis and others. Great music coupled by Michael Waring's artwork (which recently graced Ian Hawgood's "The Shattered Light" on Komu) it's hard not to be impressed with their output. You can check out more on the blog/label here.

25 July, 2012

Hibernate Records

I've not been shy of my admiration for Hibernate Records in these blog posts. I have been lucky enough to work with 3 artists that Jonathon has with my own label  with Ryonkt, Listening Mirror and Bengalfuel. Not intentionally trying to copy/emulate the label, just the way it's happened. A couple of months ago the label started up a suscription service where for the measly sum of 5 Pounds a month (Approx $7.50 Australian) you get downloads of all forthcoming Hibernate and Rural Colours and a discount of 15% on all Hibernate products. With a current roster of Wil Bolton, Isnaj Dui, Caught in the Wake Forever, etc... it's the best money you can spend once a month. Go here and subscribe now!

23 July, 2012

Hidden Shoal - Wes Willenbring / Markus Mehr

One of the labels that I like is local imprint Hidden Shoal. A label that just gets on with doing what they are doing regardless of the indifference of the local industry who year after year seem to forget them when the local industry awards are given out. An injustice in my opinion. They have a diverse roster and while not everything is my cup of tea, but when they do they hit the mark. Artists like Antonymes, Stray Ghost, Scott Solter, Wes Willenbring and Markus Mehr are high in quality. Two of their releases that have impressed me this year are "On" by Markus Mehr and "Weapons Reference Manual " by Wes Willenbring. Just great top quality Ambient/Drone releases or in the case of Markus Mehr approaching Electronic Noise in places. As always Hidden Shoal have free downloads so you can check out the singles "Flaming Youth" by Markus Mehr and "Consequences of Recklessness" by Wes Willenbring.